Mac Tech 6 Space Light

The Future of Light is Now! Our Mac Tech 6 Space Light is by far the most innovative piece of Mac Tech engineering thus far. Gaffer, John Owens, told Ray, “If you build a Mac Tech Space Light I will rent it. I am so tired of the hassle associated with FCM space lights. Two weeks later Ray brought the prototype over to NBC/Universal Studios for testing and the results were electrifying. NBC/Universal now owns hundreds of them and has made a serious commitment to Go Green at all their locations!

Mac Tech 6 Space Light Overview

The Mac Tech 6 Space Light has been upgraded, for 2010, to use the SPH Series bulbs. We found the 575 watt bulb to be TWICE as bright as our previous bulb and only 10% less than the 750 watt bulb! We outperform existing par lights by using 575 watt or 750 watt bulbs along with our high output parabolic reflector and 8″ interchangeable lenses. This means quality and flexible lighting, reduced power and heat, and no more boxes of old expensive style par 64 bulbs. Now you are truly free to move about the country and shoot. The parabolic reflector creates a much smoother field of light with any of our six lenses. The axial mounted bulb in conjunction with the parabolic reflector eliminates inconsistent hot spots and shadows associated with standard par 64 bulbs. You have more output to work with because you don’t need to use diffusion. Remember the key is to amplify, only diffuse when absolutely necessary!

The Mac Tech 6 Space Light has been used on a vast number of blockbuster films (see our credits section for a partial list). Top Directors of Photography, gaffers and rigging gaffers are raving about the quality of light the Mac Tech fixtures produce. It is the answer to the many problems standard FCM space lights bring to a budget. On The set of “Land Of The Lost” they used 280 Mac Tech 6 Space Lights and saved 420,000 watts of power. They only lost 12 bulbs out of 1680 on a 14 week shoot. Also there were no damaged silks or targets due to bulb failures as is always the case with the very unstable FCM’s. The output on the floor was two times greater in foot candles,
which gave the DP flexibility in his choice of film stock. These are by far the best green production lighting solutions on the market today!

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Yes that’s right, 25% to 45% less power. The magic is in our parabolic reflector. When using our 750 watt bulb we kick butt on a par 64 sealed beam. And when using our 575 watt bulb we blow away a 1000 watt par 64 bulb. Let’s see; less power, less heat and more output…. That’s a no brainer!

  • Power Supply: 110 -240 volts
  • Current Consumption: 37 amps with 750 watt bulbs, 29 amps with 575 watt bulbs
  • Dimensions: 28โ€ (W) x 28โ€ (D) x 10โ€ (H)
  • Weight: 19 lbs. / 8.618 kg
  • Included Items: One Soccopex connector

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Light Only! $2145.00

The Mac Tech 6 Space Light comes with the following accessories: One Soccopex connector. Available with 60amp bates connector on request.

Full Package! List $3331.00 $2990.00

The Mac Tech 6 Space Light Package comes with the following:
1 Head: List Price $2145.00
6 SPH 115V 575W Long Life Bulbs: List Price $129.00
6 VWFL Stipple Lenses: List Price $123.00
6 MFL Medium Lenses: List Price $123.00
2 Six Place Soft Bags: List Price $282.00
1 Silk Skirt List Price: $198.00
1 Silk Target List Price: $116.00
1 Rag Bag: List Price $215.00
One Soccopex connector. Available with 60amp bates connector on request.

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