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Single Focusing Broadlight

Our Single Focusing Broadlights are hand wired and assembled in our Sun Valley California plant using only the best components and are the most affordable Professional Fresnel lights you can buy anywhere! All Maclite Fresnels sold come with a 1 year Factory Warranty.

Single Focusing Broadlight Overview

Our Single Focusing Broadlights are hand made right here in Sun Valley and use the highest quality components available and still beat our competitors prices by far. Quality and price, that’s the idea.
With our 75 years of experience in building Broad Lights we have learned a few tricks from our friends (you the end user) and we listened.

We use the finest Bender and Wirth sockets, 15 amp inline switches mounted inside our shock resistent switch housings. Our Single Focusing Broadlights are built to stand up to your toughest production needs.

YES! Our Single Focusing Broadlights cost 25% Less than our competitors without compromising our hand made in the USA Quality.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply: 500, 750, & 1000 watt Bulbs
  • Current Consumption: 8.3 amps
  • Dimensions: 23.86” (W) x 8.90” (D) x 3.15” (H)
  • Weight: 5.29 lbs. / 2.4 kg
  • Included Items: Edison U-ground plug,

Order Today

Broadlight Only! $365.00

This Single Focusing Broadlight comes with the following accessories, Single “Quartz” Broad, Fixed Focus, with 36″ long, 3-wire High temperature cable; No switch; Yoke with 3-way mounting bracket for 5/8″ dia. male stud. With 20 amp Grounded Pin Plug or 20 amp Grounded Twistlock Plug.

Broadlight Accessories